McGee wins by submission, Leben wins in knockout fashion, and Hamill wins in a close decision

Chris McCray vs Court McGee

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McGee ends up being the next ultimate fighter and wins a UFC contract. McGee won via rear naked choke at 3:41 in the second round. Both fighters looked good but McGee was clearly the better fighter, dominating McCray the entire fight with take downs and staying on top of McCray. Both fighters’ conditioning didn’t seem to play much into the fight. McGee definitely has a future in the UFC, I believe.

Matt Hamill vs. Keith Jardine

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Hamill won in a decision last night despite having a staph infection and a broken hand after round 1. (If you noticed the spot on Matt’s back) The deaf fighter came out to an excellent second and third round against Jardine despite the first round looking like it clearly went to Jardine. I was surprised that there was not a knockout, as both fighters became extremely aggressive after Jardine poked Hamill’s eye in the second round, which cost him a point. This may have made the difference between winning the decision or not. Jardine may still have another shot to stay in the UFC, I believe, as the decision was VERY close. Hamill overall looked like a slower fighter and a stiff fighter. Jardine continued to show his old self, being explosive and an unorthodox striker.

Chris Leben vs. Aaron Simpson

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Another great fight. During the first round Aaron Simpson was dominating, using his take downs and wrestling against Leben. He also landed some good punches to Leben’s face and after the first round it seemed this fight was going to Simpson. Coming out in the second round Leben demonstrated his maturity as a fighter by following his game-plan (which he later said was to endure the first round and turn it on the second and third) and landed some nasty hooks to Simpson. Simpson could not keep up the explosive pace he first started with. Leben finished the fight with a TKO. I think this fight demonstrated Leben’s maturing as a person and a fighter. His conditioning was actually very surprising to me. I also think Simpson demonstrated he is a one dimensional wrestler, as shown by his lack of head movement and knowledge of the striking game it seemed. Is Leben good enough to make a title run? Probably not, but he has the potential to KO anyone.

Dennis Siver vs. Spencer Fisher

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This fight was almost a UFC fan’s dream with both fighters going toe to toe the entire match. Neither fighter slowed down throughout. Siver ended up with the win via decision although the fight probably could’ve gone either way. I think the decision was right though. Siver has extremely fast kicks but seems to lack the ability to put combos together. Both fighters demonstrated tip-top conditioning. I can see both fighters going again, and I can see Siver becoming something great if he can get a good ground game going.

Jamie Yager vs. Rich Attonito

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I don’t have much to say on this one other than Jamie Yager disappointed me. Rich showed his small amount of ground game was enough to overwhelm the one dimensional Jamie Yager. Yager is extremely athletic and has a lot of raw potential I think. We’ll see if Yager goes anywhere. As of now, Yager isn’t ready for the UFC. Rich looked like a well rounded decent fighter.