Kenny Florian took the win against Gomi tonight in UFC Fight Night. Florian had the edge the entire bout, and in the third round took Gomi down and put Gomi in a rear naked choke. Florian won by submission.

Round 1 – Both fighters came out, south paw, and had decent punch exchanges. Gomi attempted a head kick and missed.

Round 2- Rather uneventful as well. Both fighters had some punch exchanges. Almost no kicks were used or landed this round. Gomi is getting winded though.

Round 3 – Gomi comes out strong and catches Florian with some strong punches, but is also swinging wildly and missing shots. Florian takes Gomi to the ground and then dominates. Gomi has very bad ground game obviously.

Summary: Florian is a good standup fighter, and hopefully will take Penn on once again soon.

On a side note country Nelson won with a very fast knockout.


Video soon

  1. MirRox says:

    Kenny Florian should fight Penn again,

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  5. Bruce says:

    Kenny Florian should fight Penn again,