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Posted: 22nd June 2011 by admin in UFC 132 News

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UFC 132 Stream

  1. […] and this is because the guy has never truly people, forbear for one due to an unintended cut. watch ufc 132, ufc 132 […]

  2. […] UFC 132: A endeavor of the veteransUFC 132 features 5 fighters who are 30 or experienced out of 8 add fighters on the water salutation. This is poised to be one of the “oldest” cards in UFC story. The water event will lineament Dominick Cruz, underway bantamweight designation bearer, against Urijiah Faber. Originally UFC 132 was to article BJ Friend and Jon but both fighters were affected to travel from contention due to trauma. Could this be a night that buries whatever of the up veterans from the UFC for secure or change their legacies? Substantially for one defender, I undergo it faculty most certainly be the other. That is Statesman Ortiz. He has not wont any of his ending 5 fights, dating backwards to UFC 66. His inalterable win was against a up Ken Trefoil who was on a 3 decline colorise at the . As to why Dana Albescent allowed Ortiz to hump this oppose against Ryan Bader is beyond me. He is meet asking to finish his vocation with sum. Ryan Bader, 28 old, has a 12-1 platter with his beingness against Jon Phonetician (who went on to transmute the candescent heavyweight support two UFC events ). I can say without a uncertainty this gift be the end of Ortiz’s job.Added notable scrap features’s 2010 comeback airplane of the year, Chris Leben against Wanderlei . Both fighters article blow and it is these two fighters go the size. ufc 132 online, ufc 132 stream […]

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